i just listened to the sound bakery. it was really fun! I like your
vision, your work. I like the samples of whistling the best. All those
people whistling, wowo. 

It got me thinking, it really is like a bakery. It's like beig
inside an oven with all the sounds bouncing, baking around. I kind of
thought about you, about how hearin all the sounds around and registering
them al, it reminded me of how it's about noticing everything, passing
through, and that's what the bakery is like, all the changing and the
			-jay pinka

Welcome to the Bakery.
The Detritus Sound Concensus Bakery opened on July 12, 2000 and ran continuously till February, 2003. The Bakery is now closed. Soon there will be statistics on voting patterns.

There is an archive of some of the more interesting bakery results.