The Detritus Sound Consensus Bakery - an Internet Radio Project

This project, created by Steev Hise of, centers around a streaming audio server on the internet which broadcasts an algorithmically generated sound collage 24 hours a day. The collage may be influenced by listeners, who can use a web interface to answer a variety of questions about sound, music, and related topics. The combined input of several participants for a period of time is statistically analyzed to arrive at a "democratic" formula or recipe for "baking" a new sound, which is streamed out to the listeners. Participants will eventually be able to upload their own sound files, which will be added to the database of available source material.

The current version of the Bakery is and should be considered pre-release software. On Wednesday, July 12 the first public release version of the site was launched and the Bakery was made open to the public. While the Bakery IS fully operational, you may want to visit again at a later date, as the baking algorithms and ingredients will be improving and growing in the coming weeks.

Thanx for visiting......